What is full form of AM and PM?

What is full form of AM and PM?


AM FULL FORM- Ante Meridian- Before Noon and PM FULL FORM- Post Meridian- After Noon



The basis of time convention is divided into two periods in which 24 hours is a day. Generally, a day is divided into two period of 12 hours.

AM is used to reprent time form midnight 12.00 to noon 11.59.

PM reprent time from noon 12.00 to 11.59 noon.




Example sentence of AM and PM:

I have to go office at 10 AM in the morning.I will come at 9 PM in evening.




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Computer support of AM and PM:

In most of the countaries, computers shows timein 24 hours formate by defult. In the same way, in India, railway companies also used 24 hours time formate for their work, they issues ticket in 24 hours time formate so that there would not be any confution in the mind of passanger about he timeing of traveling.




Other AM full form:

♦ Asian Male

♦Account Management



Other PM full form:

♦Property Manager

♦Project Management