What is full form of BPL?

What is full form of BPL?



BPL FULL FORM- Below Poverty Line

BPL FULL FORM is Below Poverty Line is a benchmark that is used by the government of India to identify the people who are below of poverty line. The main purpose for identifying BPL people by government is to help financially these type of people .  So that, they can fulfill their basic need like food, shelter and clothes etc.  Generally,  Government uses some basic parameters to consider people who are below poverty line,  these parameters are as follow



  1. Type of house
  2. Status of children
  3. Food requirement
  4. Clothing
  5. Literacy status
  6. Landholding
  7. Sanitation etc.








Measurement process in BPL  Ration Card:

There are so many way to measure the BPL people in India. For example, the people who have less than 20000 Rs income per annul can be considered as BPL Ration Card holder in India. In other words, people is given marks according to their income, asset etc that they have.  The person who has less than 15 marks out of maximum 52 marks can be considered as poor people in India. T   here is another way to measure the BPL card holder is according to their calories intake. The person who is taking less than 2400 calories in rural area in a day  or 2100 calories in urban area in a day can be considered as poor people . the have right to have BPL card in India. At march 2012, there was more than more than 27 crore people who live in India.






Benefit of BPL Ration Card:

There are so many benefit to have BPL Ration Card in India. Because government have made many scheme to those people who cover in BPL category. The person who is under poverty , who have BPL Ration Card can avail advantages under many scheme like AAY Yojana. Under this scheme , some selected person is issued BPL Ration Card, who fulfill some condition who are really needy.

House – people who have this land are issued 35 kg of rice at @3 Rs kg. This scheme is specially targeted on those people who could not able to have enough food in a day and householders that have BPL Ration Card. They are issued 35 kg of rice monthly @6.5 per kg. These scheme is targeted on poor people who are not able to fulfill his basic food requirements for their family.






APL full form- Above Poverty Line

After knowing full form of BPL , Now it time to get detail about  APL full form. APL Card Holder are those people who are above the poverty line in India. These people are able to fulfill their basic needs like food, shelter and cloths. But they are also poor according to their income.




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