What is full form of fir?

What is full form of fir?

FIR FULL FORM is First information report . it is a written documents that are prepared by the police when they receive information about any cognizable offense. Generally, this report is lodged by the victim or any person on his behalf. It should be signed by the informer. Here, informer have right to have a copy of FRI as a future reference. After knowing FIR full form, now we are going to discuss about detail information of fir.




Feature of FIR:

(1) It is a legal document : It is legal document that can be used by the victim to show in court . it tells about the information, the description of the offense, place of offense, name of victimize detail and address , contact number of victim that is very helpful for police to identify the criminal in the whole process of investigation.


Example: if ram has victimized for the purpose to stealing his hand watch by the criminal. In this situation, ram can lodge a complain in FRI format in his stolen watch. FIR will help the police to identify the place and other important information that is very useful by the police to catch the criminal and lastly police return the stolen watch on the basic of FIR information after catching the criminal.




(2) It starts the investigation process: It is the document that sets the investigation in motion. Without FIR , Police officer will not investigate. So, here i can say that it is the first step towards the company against the criminal. In other words police starts the investigation after FRI registration. Because it is the document that tell the police officer there is something that did wrong with someone. Its also gives useful information to police office about the criminal like place of crime, time of crime , the name of criminal ( if known) that is very helpful for investigation process.
Example: there are two person whose name are mohan and sohan. Both person have lost their baggage while traveling towards their hometown. Now, mohan have lodge the FIR against his stolen baggage. But sohan did not lodge complain. Then, officer start to investigation and find the stolen baggage. In this case , police officer are able to return stolen baggage of sohan because they have his contact information in FIR. But they are not able to return stolen baggage of sohan because he did not lodge any fir against his stolen baggage .



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Procedure for filing a FIR – fir full form:


The procedure for filing a FIR Report is so easy. What you have to do in case of any kind of offense with you . you have to go to nearby police station with an ID proof . then you have to tell all the information about the offense that has been happened with you . this information should be entered in FIR register that is maintained at every police station. now you know FIR full form and procedure for filing a report.



The FIR Report include the following information:

  1. Name of victim or the person who is lodging the complain.
    2. FIR Number and date
    3. Description of the offense
    4. Place of crime
    5. Name of the criminal (if known)





What to do if police refuses to lodge fir?

If the police man refuses to lodge your complaint, you can go to senior police officer. You have also other option. You can go to Concerned Circle Officer, superintendent of police.


If you like in Delhi, you can also lodge a complaint online against anyone who did a crime. The Delhi police give this facility online on this website – http://www.delhipolice.nic.in/register.html. after going to given link, you have to fill all the mandatory information like name, father’s name, mobile number, address etc.







Are there any charges for lodging fir?

No, you have to pay nothing for loading a complaint against offender. It is your basic right that you can complain the police office if someone is doing wrong with you. Here, you need not to pay anything because it is free service.




Important thing you should keep in mind while filing fir- Fir full form:

after knowing fir full form, you have basic information about what to do and what not to do. but here some point is given that you should keep it mind while loading complain.


  • give detail information about the criminal. What he did with you. You should give the detail information about what is the location and time of crime, how many people are involved in the incident, what is the motive of criminal etc.


  • try to use simple and easy to understand word.


  • Your complaint will be recorded in 4 copies with carbon copies. You should get one copy of that as a receipt.


  • You should give as much as information you can give. Like what is the main witness of the crime, what is the main name of criminal, what are the total losses, you can give suspect name if you doubt on anyone etc.


  • After giving the all useful information in fir, you should sign the fir document.


  • After it, complainer can read the fir document and if he satisfy then he can lodge the fir. Here it right of complaint to get a fir copy from police person free of cost.





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