here you will find all full form by categories:

Here you can find all  full form of many kind of words that is related to accounts, technology, general, education and finance. if i tell you about words that you can find in accounts category , here you will find full form of ar, ap, brs, tds, vat, cst.  here i have classified all the term in categories . you can see all the term by clicking on it .

then you will go to the category page , where you will find the all the related term. there are seven category in this website. you can visit it by own choice.


this full form terms is very important for those people or students who wants to learn new things, who are preparing for any competitive exam. because this term can be asked in exam paper. apart from that you can enhance you general knowledge by reading these terms. in every article of this category page , you will find detail information of that term . example if someone reads article about full form of BRS.

the he will see the detail information about that term like what is BRS? how once can do bank reconciliation? What is advantages of conducting BRS?


1. full form in accounts


2. full form in Technology


3.  Full form in General


4. Full form in education


5. Full form in Finance


6. Full form in IT


7. Full form in Organization




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