What is full form of google?

What is full form of google?


GOOGLE FULL FORM – Global organization of oriented Group Language of Earth. Google is a company that is known as search engine worldwide. It is founded by larry page and sergey brinb on September 4, 1988. Google has headquarters in California, UNITED STATE. It has more than 55030 employees. After know the google full form, it is important to get knowledge about the products that are offered by it.






google full form






Google as Search Engine:

Google is the biggest search engine in the world that offers many services to its customer like google drive, Google docs, google adsence, gmail and youtube etc. . In 2009, Google search engine is the dominant search engine in all over the word and if i tell about you the present condition of google website in 2015. I would like to say that it is a biggest search engine in the world . Nobody can compete in the word . In other words, it is life of internet.




Product offer by Google:

(1) Gmail:

gmail is a free service that is provided by Google. Here anyone can make his account for the purpose of sending or receiving of email. There are many feature for using gmail like sheduling of email , mass storage of email etc.



(2) Google Pen Drive:

Google pen drive is one of the biggest pen drive facility that is provided by Google all over the world. Here anyone can make a account and use it to store their information online. The benefit of using google pen drive is that you can use this pen drive from anywhere in the world. Wheter you are in the office or whether you are at your home. It does not matter because this service is online so that , it mean that you can get access for this service of Google from anywhere in the world.




(3) Google webmaster tool :

it is one of the best product of the Google that is used by blogger or website owner for improving their website performance. By using this tool, website owner or blogger like me can easily improve performance of his website to compete in the google page ranking. There are so many feature in google webmaster tool. By using it you can easily add or remove link for your website from google search engine. It is also useful to add sitemap by this tool. You can also verify the ownership of your website by using google webmaster tool.




(4) Google Analytics:

google analytics is a product that is offered by the google to blogger or website owner for analyzing the data that is useful for improving the performance of their website. It has variety of feature like you can see all the visitors for your website, you can see visitors for your website according to their age or income or country etc. One of the best feature of google analytics is that by using of google analytics , you can see the real time visitors who are visiting your website at right now.

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(5) Google Adsence:

google adsence is one of the product that is provided by google . this product is specially a good opportunity for blogger to earn money . now one question has arisen in your mind that how can you earn money by google adsence. The answer is that google provides a advertising programmed to its approved blogger or website owner. Blogger or website owner can earn money by applying advetising of google on their blog or website for earning money. Generally, blogger or website owner earn money by in the way of cpc for each click . cpc is cost per click. Cpc may varies from niche to niche or country country to country etc . Google full form describes it’s importance to everyone in the world.


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