Microsoft launches Window 10 in 2015

Microsoft launches Window 10 in 2015:


As you know very well, Microsoft have launched window 10. You can easily update it form windows 8 or 7 if you have original license. This latest edition of window has many new features For example It has separate search menu next to start button. Now you do not have to click on browser for search. If you are in harry and want instant information then windows 10 can help you in many ways. It has many new features that will helpful for those people who want fast information. Its new design will help to perform it faster in comparison to other older windows version.


Window 10 is come with edge that will replace internet explorer in future. The edge internet browser is too powerful and fast in competition of old internet explorer. As far as I know, internet explorer is slow. I can say it by my own experience. I have been using internet from my school days. I have used many browser like opera, google chrom etc. but I found internet explorer is slowest among them. There may be many reason for that but now you can get rid off old type of internet explorer.


By the use of latest windows 10, you have access of latest powerful edge browsing software. It is multi tasking software on which you can perform as many as you want searches. This is the power of new edge browser, you can browse net fatly and safely. Apart from that, window 10 come with other many features like if you see the desktop screen of you window 10 then you realize the power of window 10. The screen of you window must be filled with latest software. You have all the latest software though which you can do your work with ease. This feature of window 10 is very helpful for corporate and big company. By using it, these big company can utilize their employee hard work in the good way. This will helpful for them for getting the maximum result from the same input in the less time and efforts.