Sap full form / what is the full form of sap?

Sap full form / what is the full form of sap?

Sap full form is Systems Applications Products in data processing. It is world largest leading enterprise software in the market. It is developed to integrates and implement all the areas of business in one system. In this post, we are going to discuss about  Sap full form, in other words what is the full form of sap ?. If you want to know about sap , then we recommend to continue reading this  article.

sap full form of sap what is sap full form in accounting

Sap full form is system application Products in data processing. It is a software that was invented in 1972 by 5 IBM employees. It is the ERP system that integrates all the different modules in the company.


Example: it integrates SD, MM , CO, HR and FI etc.

As of 2005, more than 44,000 installations have been done for the sap software in more than 50 countries.



What is sap r/3 architecture?

Sap r3 is one of the main product (version) of sap software. The full form of r/3 is real three tier architecture. Where r stands for real time and 3 is related to three tier application architecture.


3 tier application architecture

  1. Data base layer
  2. Application layer
  3. Client (presentation) layer


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In today word, most of the business runs on sap r/3 system. 70 to 80% companies have been implemented sap software in their work environment.


- SAP is Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing.



- SAP  is a name of the ERP software and name of the company.


– sap software helps to manage of many integrated modules like accounting, finance, logistic etc. it covers almost every aspect of he business arrangement.


– It was Founded in 1972.





– SAP is the 4rth largest software company who manage all the application and software related queries in sap software in the world.


- SAP software provides solution for finance, production and logistic etc.


– SAP is one of the biggest software in the word. It is used in multinational company for managing their accounts data. It has so many feature. Oracle and Microsoft are the big competitors of sap company. as you know the sap full form , it shows that it has number one position in sap erp in the word.




If you talk about sap, you will think that it is a software system. You are thinking write. Sap consist many parts like modules. There are 4 module in sap software.


  1. Finance and accounting module : sap software manages finance and accounting system of company In which it manage fixed assets, account receivable , account payable, budgeting and cash management parts of account department.


  1. Manufacturing module: in manufacturing module, sap helps to manage many process like material, work orders, workflow management, cost and quality of product etc.



  1. Human resource module: sap software helps hr manager for maintaining of human resource flow in the company. It create a unique recruitment process though which hr manager easily get efficient employee in the company.


  1. Access control module : here sap software tries to manage the accessibility of software use. Here this software can give right to specific employee to see some feature of sap software. Sap software can give access or restrict the employee accessibility to any feature of sap software according to its setting.








Advantage of sap software :


  1. sap eliminate the duplication of work and reduce error:

here this article about sap full form will teach you the advantage of sap software. Sap software is very useful in work place because it eliminates the duplication of work. It is connected online to all the system and updates information immediately. In this way, there will be no duplicate entry that reduces the changes of errors in the work.


Example: if a company has more than 150 branches all over the world. If the employee is not using sap software then it will become so difficult to manage all the entry and to know current balance and do update. In this case, a branch that is in Delhi has to contract another branch like Mumbai to get the information but if the company’s employee is using sap software then all the important information can be updated in one time and any modification, current balance of a particular party can be seen easily. In this way, it minimizes workload and reduces the changes of errors.





  1. sap increases efficiency and productivity:

It is one of the biggest advantages of sap software which is that it increases the efficiency and productivity of work. Here work can be divided into process that increases the productivity level of work. If I tell you about other software, they do not have this kind of feature. But in sap software, employee can make their small or big team to work on any project.

Example: if company deals in creating website. Now one of their customers wants a website for this business. Then he approaches to this company. Now, the work of creating website can be done in two ways. First it is created by simple step in which team work individual part of work and does all the work. This takes time because nobody knows the status of others work department, some work have done







  1. sap improves customers service through better customer interaction:

Sap software is one of the well known software in the world that is very useful for improving customer service because when company uses sap software, they have facility to store mass data of each and every customer, In this ways, company can use this data for forecasting customer demand or needs. If company is able to fulfill customer needs, it means it is improving their customer’s service.




  1. sap provides real time information:

The one of the best advantage of sap software is that it provides real time information of a service or product.

Example : if there are 20 product of a company that are all over the world, then the data like stock of a item is display real time quantity in all branches of company. In this way, it provides the real time quantity of product that is helpful for managing information accordingly.




  1. sap allow easier global integration:

It is one of the software that is created while thinking each and every aspect of business because it allows easier global integration. It means barrier like currency exchange rates, language and culture can be bridged automatically.





  1. sap is easier to update and maintain:

The sap software is very easier to maintain and update. It there is new version of software in the market, then company can update it very easily. it takes less time in comparison of other software in the market and if you update it in a branch . It will automatically update into all the branches of the company.





  1. Sap integrate all the information in one system:

It is one of the best features of sap full form software which is that it integrates all the information of entire company in a one system. I mean, you can see all the information of a company about it’s purchase department, sale department and payroll department etc from a branch office. What you have to do, you have to just open the sap application software. Here you will get all the information about company date in one system.




  1. Sale forecasting:

By the help of sap , you can do sale forecasting because you have all the data related to sale department. Now you can take last year data for forecast current year sale. You can adjust the data according to your situation and needs. It is one of the basic needs of management because it helpful to create budget. if you know your company’s turnover then you can create better plan for managing all the things in advance.






  • Order taking:

Order taking is process of taking order from the customer. Here customer needs and requirement is needed for placing order. By the help of sap software, you can take order timely because it provides real time information about the quantity of product. It ensures the availability of product for that specific customer.





  1. Data security in Sap software :

In sap software, data is secured. It means no data or information is accessible by an unauthorized user. It creates confidence among employee. Now employee works hard for their organization because they know there is security of data and work.







After knowing Sap full form,

now let us discuss about disadvantage of SAP software:


  1. Expensive :

after knowing sap full form and its advantage, now lest discuss about disadvantage of sap, The biggest disadvantage of sap software is that it is so expensive to implement by a middle level company. So it mean low and middle level company will now use this software due to cost that they have to bear, apart from cost, if company select their software for handling data then they have to train their employee about ht sap software like how to run sap software, how to do entry in sap software, how to get information in sap software.





  1. Inflexibility:

Yes, sap full form software is not flexible in the sense, sometimes vendor software may not fit with company’s software. Apart from that if a company has installed sap software in his organization. Then, they have to work on it for all the time, they can change the software easily because it is too expensive to do so. In this ways, we can say that sap software is inflexible.




  1. Return on investment:

If company installs sap software for their working system then return of investment may take too long to be profitable. It means , company will get profitable result almost ninety percent of case but it will take too many time, so it mean that if the purpose of company is to work for short period then it is not useful to implement . Sap software in the organization because it will take too long time to show profitability.






Module in sap application (sap full form):


In sap, there are so many parts which are called modules like finance, reporting, marketing etc. The module is used by different company in different purposes.

Example: a service company has not needed to have manufacturing module, these ate detail information about for product that are as follows:


  1. Finance module:

In most of the organization, sap  is used of doing according to their work requirement. Here, this software is used to create sale order, invoice, purchase order, etc. Here this thing is important to know. It provides real time information to all the branch of that company. I mean if there is any purchase of goods, it will be shown all the branches of that company. Os there is no need to update it in other branch.




  1. Reporting in SAP application:

Reporting is so easy in sap full form software. Reporting is the process of giving information about anything to management. Now days, reporting become an important tool on which decision is taken. Reporting may be different types according the requirement or needs of management. Management can ask for reporting for total creditors in the company or total debtors etc.






  1. Marketing:

Marketing is the process of promoting service or goods and making brands image in the mind of customer. sap is helpful to increase sale. There are two types of marketing. First is direct marketing and second is indirect marketing. Direct marketing refers to market product directly to the users. It also contains door to door marketing process. Indirect marketing is re offered to marketing that is not direct. it includes online marketing, other promoting tool like newspaper etc . Here sap software is used for gathering data. Their data will be used for marketing purpose.





  1. Inventory:

Inventory management is also done by sap software. Here stock time is created. Entry is made at the time of purchasing or selling of goods. Here, it is important to know that sap full form software gives real time information. it mean if there is any purchase or sell of goods. You have to enter it in the sap full form software and it will be shown in all the branches of that company.





  1. Project:

Sap is useful to create project for any specific task. Here, you can track on the progress of the project. You can ascertain how much work has been done and how much work is necessary to do in future. By the help of project module, you can create separate project for separate party and track o their progress. it is very helpful for management to take decision and make strategy for that specific project.







  1. Payroll:

Payroll is the process of managing salary related work for the organization. Here sap full form software is used to maintain payroll in the organization. HR create salary sheet on the basis of their many think like attendance, salary structure, basic pay, allowance and deduction etc. it is very easy to maintain all the above data in sap software. Here you can create employee and maintain their data like name, address, basic pay, attendance etc. it is useful while creating salary sheet. It makes work easy for payroll department




sap full form- Second Audio Program

sap full form- Service Access Point

sap full form- Suitcase And Passport

sap full form- Suitcase And Passport







  1. Sap full form in plan – Special Assistance Plan:


plan is special assistance plan. It is a programmed which selects students who is well educated. He should know their mother tongue as well as English. It is available only for selected student who got good score in his primary and secondary school. It is a program in Singapore that was established in 1979.





Admission: if you want to get admission in special assistance plan. Then you have to get good marks in your primary school. Because the admission is depend on your primary school scores.






  1. Sap full form in accounts: Standard Accounting Procedures :

Sap full form  in accouning is standard accounting procedures. It is certain accounting rules that a company has to follow while preparing it financial statements. So that reader of statement can easily compare it with other companies.




Accounting standard is very useful for maintaining uniformity and comparability for financial statement. It has many advantages as follows:


  1. Accounting standard improve the reliability and quality of financial statements. It creates awareness about uniformity of books of account in business.It ensures the consistency of financial statements.


  1. It is helpful for auditors. It is well known that the accounting statements that are made by use of accounting standard is easy to understand.


  1. It tries to reduce manipulation and frauds in books of accounts. Company has to show their books of accounts, profit and loss accounts, and balance sheet. So that outsiders like debtors, creditors and investors can see the profitability and other factors. It will help them for investors whether they should invest or not in the company.







  1. Sap full form in agriculture: State Agriculture Plan:


Sap full form in agricultural is state agriculture plan. For getting minimum 4 to 5% growth in agricultural, the government of India has introduced a scheme of sap. This sap program will try to push up agricultural production in tamil nadu. This scheme is launched by considering these points. Main reason of launching this scheme is slower growth in agricultural. At this time, each state government has to create different strategies for development of agricultural. But sap is helpful for integrating the different plan and combining the resources available into one place.






Do you want to lean sap software online?


If your answer is yes, then you are at right place. Here you are told about top 3 books that are helpful to learn sap. Whether you are working in accounts department or hr department, you need to learn sap software. So that you can get success in you careers. If we talk about big MNC Companies. Most of big MNC companies use sap software because it is easy to install and useful for organization. It is the software that caters all the demands of a big organization from hr work to finance work. Every company needs this software to manage and organize data online. Today I am going to tell you some books that you can use to learn sap by self study. These books are available on website. You can purchase theme as per your requirements.





  1. Sap book no 1- sap mm for beginners:

This book gives basic knowledge about sap software. It gives detail information to students about what is sap? , How one can use sap software? , what is sap full form? What is incoming invoice entry, How can one create purchase orders in sap software etc. after leaning this sap book, you will have basic knowledge about sap software and you can easily operate it by yourself. It is ideal book for those students who just want to start career in sap software.



buy now online:






Following are some basic knowledge that you will learn in this sap software book:

  • It describe the features of sap software in detail like how can you create PO in sap etc. here you will be taught about basis of software. You will be taught about some shutouts keys in sap software. How you can create ledgers, how you can delete an entry etc.



  • For easy understanding of sap software, some picture, graph etc are included in book at appropriate places.


  • Each chapter in the books contain quick summary and detail question answer in the end of each chapter.


  • The 1st part of book contains organization structure. It tells about what is organization structure. How structure can effect the organization in long way.


  • The 2nd part of book has topics like vendor master, material master in sap software. In vendor master, you are given information about how you can create vendor ledger. Here you will know about vendor reconciliation.



Next part of book contains: Invoicing: invoicing is the process of creating bill for sale or purchase on credit. Here it is keep it mind that quantity, price and rate of tax should be correct.


Process of invoicing: invoicing is the main part of accounting. We cannot imagine accounting work without generating invoice because every organization has some party that purchase good on credits that is called creditors. Invoicing is the part of account receivable cycle. Let’s discuss detail about account receivable cycle.



Firstly I would like to tell you that what is account receivable?

Account receivable is the amount that company has to collect from his debtors because company have sold or services on credit.


There are five steps in account receivable processing:

Step1- quotation: to giving quotation to the part is the first step of account receivable process. Here company tries to give best quotation price to the party so that it can get respected order from the client. As you know very well, there is so much completion in the market. Every one want to offer the same service or product at best price with high service value. For getting ahead from the completion, company has to make a best price selling strategy that is all depends on quotation.



Step2- purchase order: purchase order is also called PO in short form. After giving quotation to party, here party creates a PO that is the requirement of goods. Here name, rates, and quantity of goods are mentioned.



Step3- delivery of goods: the third step of account receivable process is to deliver goods to the party address. It is the responsibility of delivery man to get receipt sign of delivered goods.



Step4-create invoice: it the main step where invoice is created as per purchase order. Here, it is necessary to check the price, quantity, tax rates of invoice as per PO.




Step5- account receivable amount: it is the last step of the account receivable process where amount is collected from the party.






  • logistic invoice verification
  • purchase documentation
  • goods moment and goods received
  • purchase order




  • This sap book give information about you full form of sap. Sap basic question answer etc. beside this in 4rth part of this book you will learn about:
  • quotation
  • price comparison
  • stock transfer



– In the last part I mean 5th part of book you will learn about the order to cash process, What is procurement, how to do physical verification of goods etc.





The main advantage of sap is that is helps to manage modules of company like finance, accounting , logistics etc. it save time and expense of the company. After application of sap full form software, management can make decisions quickly with fewer errors. There will be coordination between departments. They are interlinked to each other. They can see data from any department so it mean it helps to fast the flow of data and information. Sap software has so many benefits as follows:

  • Sap software helps to forecasting the sales. It help to make assumption about the inventory that will be required for fulfilling the order in near future.
  • It provides the real time information across the all department. It helpful for making decisions quickly.
  • Sap full form software helps to track the online order. If there is any order from the other state or city. Employee can see it on the screen and do the necessary action for that.
  • Sap makes invoice against order of the customer. By the help of sap full form software you can make any kind of order online.
  • It provides security of information or data.
  • By the use of sap, it is so easy now to match the purchase order with actual bill. So there will be no confusion. Inventory can be managed by the help of this software.
  • Sap enables standard product coding. We can use sap for coding or naming of any product and it will be unique for that across the all department.


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Sap full form is Systems Applications Products in data processing.It is a ERP system that integrates all the different modules in the company. Sap full form