short very very funny jokes for naughty young kids

short very very funny jokes for naughty young kids:


if you are looking for very very funny short jokes, then you are at right place. here you will find funnies jokes of the day. enjoy the jokes and share it with your freinds.


funniest joke of the day :


A group of old farmers were travelling by bus towards Devon.

They stopped for bus at dairy. Then a young guided the process of cheese making, he explained a particular dairy goat’s milk was used for making these cheese.

Then he showed the group of sheep in the field in which they are gazing.


Then she explained that these are the old goats who no longer produce milk.

Then suddenly, one man ask what do you with old goats?
A old man answered that they send us on bus tour.’




A nutritionist was giving presentation on the stuff we eat is enough to killed us.


Red meat is harmful. Milk product is making us fat, Chinese food is so bad for us, soft drink make your stomach lining. High fat diet is bad for health.

Nobody know about the lake of water in body is too harmful. In a high tone he carried on, but listen all. There is the most dangerous of all that we all eat, can anyone can answer me about name of that food.

After few moment of quit, a 80 year old man raised his hand to answer the question and said softly “wedding cake”.


Father to son:
whenever i beat you,
you do not get annoyed,
how you control your anger?

Son reply: i start cleaning the toilet

father: are you mad?

how can you control your anger after cleaning toilet seat? ?????


son: i start cleaning the toilet
seat with your toothbrush J




Style of break up:
Boy bought gift for His Girl friend.
GF: what the hell would I do with this rocket?
Boy: U wanted to become a star ?
Now sit on it and GET LOST




Teacher: what is the importance of the year 1809.

Mady: in the year 1809, Abraham Lincoln was born.

Teacher again ask a question: what is the importance of 1819?

Suddenly sady stand up and said Abraham Lincoln was 10 years old.




Damy: sir, I want to ask you something

Teacher: what?

Damy: will you punish some for that thing that he did not do?

Teacher: no, I will not do that.

Damy: thank you sir, it is relief for me. Today, I have not done your homework.


Wife comes home late at home at night
she quietly open the door of bedroom.

The she sees 4 legs instead of two under the blanket.

She took a bat and began to start hitting the blanket as hard as she can.

When she finished and do biting, she felt tired and went to kitchen to have a drink.

As she enters the kitchen, she sees her husband there. He was sleeping there.

She woke up him and asked who are they people on the bed?

He said. Hi dear, today our parents have come. So I let them rest in our bedroom.

Hope, you have met them and said hello to them.