what is full form of tan?

what is full form of tan?



TAN FULL FORM – Tax deduction Account Number


Tan is an alphanumeric number that is allotted to those individual or firms who are required to deduct from the income.

Tan is ten digit numbers. The structure of a tan is like this: ABCD7777C. The first four characters are letter, next five are numbers and last characters are again letter. It is issued by income tax department. After knowing TAN full form, now we are going to discuss about how to apply for tan number.



Application of Tan Number:


You can apply for the tan number by filling “form 498B” (under India income tax act) and submit online at the NSDL website.



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Why Tan Number is needed?

According to section 203A of income tax act, it is compulsory to use tan number while deducting tax at source (TDS)


If the deducted is failure to deduct TDS without Tan, he has to pay the same amount to government department.




How to apply for Tan Number?

The person, firm or company that want Pan Number can apply for tan number by filing form Number 49B Online and submit to online. After this, he will have a confirmation, an acknowledgement screen will be displayed status of applicant with name, address in digit number.



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