What is full form of TRP?


 TRP FULL FORM – Television Rating Point


Television Rating Point is a tool that calculates which program is viewed the most which is popular among the viewer. If a program has higher trp, it means it is watched by large numberl of any show or serial is low, it means it has low number s of viewer. the meaning of trp is televesion rating point, after knonwing trp full form, it is time to get detail information about how trp is calculated in television industry.






How are TRPS calculated in television industry:


Now the question has been arisen that how to calculate TRP of a serial. Because in India is a populated country that has more than millions viewer of each show. So it is impossible to calculate each and every viewer response towards a program. For calculating of TRP, few thousand viewers are judged and surveyed as a sample. These few thousands of viewers are treated as sample from the overall TV viewers in a country. Then, a devise is attached to these few thousands of viewers for calculating then trp. The devise that are installed in all these few thousand of viewers is called people’s meter. INTAM (Indian Television Audience Measurement) is the electronic rating agency that is functioning in India. It manages this entire “people meter”.  It records the time and program that a viewer watches regularly, and then an average is taken for thirty days period of these few thousand of viewers. It gives the status and popularity for a particular channel or show.



Value of TRP for advertisers in television industry :


A higher TRP program is very useful and beneficial for advertiser’s point of view because advertisers want to show their advertisements on those  program that have more TRP. Nowadays, it become the criteria on which Advertisement r are decided by the advertisers for a particular program.

Example: if there are two programs, one is very old and has average level of TRP. It is telecasts on a reputed channel. But program b is a new one that is telecasted on an average channel. But the program b has high level of TRP due to its story and certain event etc. Now advertiser will give preference to program b for showing their advertisement because it has more TRP.






What is trp rate? and how is TRP of a channel increases or decreases?


TRP rate is a rate on which a tv channel trp is calculated. Now it is important to understand, how it works, I mean ho is TRP of a channel or show increases or decreases over the time. Basically, TRP of a channel or show depends on popularity of show. For example a celebrity like salman kahan come on a show for advertisement of his new upcoming film, then the TRP of that particular channel will go up because now many people want to watch that particular show for watching that celebrity.






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