What is sap?

What is sap?

Sap is software that integrates information across that organization in each department like finance, manufacturing, sale department etc. the main purpose of sap is to facilitate the flow of information between the all departments.





What is sap program and who uses sap software?

Sap program is written function that is used to record data in sap software. Example: sap has a program of creating and saving sales orders.As I have already mentioned in my last article sap full form, sap is not suitable of low or middle level organization as it is too costly. Apart from that there is so many requirements of companies for implementing it in their system. Generally sap software is used by MNC Company (Multination Company) like coca cola, apple, micromax etc. because it can manage business operation across the world in all the branch of that company





Why sap is used in companies?

Sap is used to maintain information in the organization. it is very useful for flowing the information across the organization quickly. It also has global reach to its customer. It means, with the help of sap software, you can work at international level. Apart from global reach, it provides total customer satisfaction. It also helpful to reduce error I work that brings efficiency in work. Mostly big MNC uses sap software because the work at international level and they have enough fund of investing and training. But if we think about small or middle level organization they rarely use it because it is so expensive of them apart form that, they do not have fund.