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BSC Full Form

BSC Full Form In Hindi & English , Full Form Of BSc Means


BSc Ki Full Form: Bachelor of Science.

What Is The BSc Full Form In Hindi & English, Full Form Of BSc Means.

B.Sc stands for Bachelor of Science. Graduate degree awarded for completing a three-year course within the field of science and technology. It is a well-liked degree course among the science students after passing the 12th class examination. Also this course duration can vary from country wise. It is a three-year course in India.

This degree is given in multiple subjects of science. In India, you’ll complete B.Sc degree in many subjects like Mathematics, Biology, computing , Information Technology, Physics, Chemistry, Nursing, science , Agriculture, Biochemistry, Biotechnology and lots of other subjects. The University of London was the primary university within the world which admitted a candidate to the Bachelor of Science degree.

There are also  two types of BSc degrees awarded to students – BSc Honours and BSc General (commonly referred to as BSc Pass). Both the academic degrees are given to students at an undergraduate level. However, there are some basic differences that lie between those.

The difference between BSc Honours and BSc General degrees is  explain below based on few parameters that would help students in making a better choice between the two courses.

 BSc Honours course is meant to inculcate advanced theoretical, practical, and research skills among students. It is a more standardised degree and focuses usually on one major discipline .

BSc General course, on the opposite hand, is meant to supply foundation knowledge of Science subject to students. It Also usually covers all major subjects of Science.



To get admission in BSc Honors course students have to pass Class XII from a recognized board in Science stream. Also, students must secure a minimum percentage consistent with the cut-off stipulated by the respective college/ university.

The eligibility criteria to secure admission in BSc General course is same as what’s required for BSc Honours course (already mentioned above). However, there could also be slight variations between college to school .


Future after BSc :

For BSc Honours course, career prospects in terms of job opportunities depend upon the specialisation a student opts for. as an example , students with a degree in BSc (Honours) Physics can apply for employment as a securities analyst , lab technician, etc. Whereas students with a degree in BSc (Honours) Chemistry can apply for employment in sectors like medical research, laboratories, utility companies, technical journals, etc. Students pursuing a degree in BSc General course can apply for employment in fields like teaching, banking, and marketing & lots more.

Job Profiles:

  • Lecturer
  • Enumerator
  • Teachers
  • Researcher
  • Scientist
  • Consultant
  • Chemist


Employment Areas:

  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Hospitals
  • Geological Survey Companies
  • Educational Institutes
  • Research Organizations
  • Forest Services
  • Biotechnology Companies
  • Testing Laboratories
  • Oil Industry




BSC IT Full Form: Base Station Controller

The BSC responsible to manages the radio resources for one or more BTSs. It also handles the radio channel setup, frequency hopping, and handovers. Basically the BSC is the connection between the mobile and the MSC. Also the BSC  translates the 13 Kbps voice channel which used over the radio link to the standard 64 Kbps channel  which used by the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSDN) or ISDN.

BSC assigns and releases frequencies also time slots for the MS. It also handles intercell handover. It controls the power transmission of the BSS and MS in its area.The function of the BSC is to allocate the required time slots between the BTS and therefore the MSC. Its also working as a switching device that handles the radio resources.

Main Functions of BSC:

Following are the key functions:

  • Manage Base Transceiver System (BTS) handover
  • Uplink channel measurements
  • Control Radio frequency
  • Time and Frequency synchronization
  • Controls multiple BTSs
  • Manage Radio Network
  • Establish a call setup and call transmission
  • Power management
  • Time and Frequency synchronization

Full Form Of BSC: Biological Safety Cabinet

A Biological Safety Cabinet is one type of  ventilated enclosure which offer protection to the user and the product and the environment inside it from aerosols and hazardous micro-organisms. Via a HEPA filter continuous airflow is discharged to the atmosphere.


Other Abbreviation of BSC :

Barcelona Sporting Club

Biological Stain Commission

Binary Symmetric Channel

Binary Synchronous Communication

Bristol Stool Chart

Biological Stain Commission

Basic Spacing between Centers

Balanced Score Card

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