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CAD Full Form

CAD Full Form
Cad Drawing

CAD Full Form In Banking, Full Form Of CAD Software


Full Form Of CAD Software : Computer Aided Design.

CAD full form is Computer Aided DesignCAD is a technical software.  It is used by engineers, architects, artists, drafters to make engineering drawing. This engineering drawing is being made in  either two-dimensional (2D) or three-dimensional (3D). CAD is an applications of combine of hardware and software that make engineer to create any construction. It give the power to have a look the design of construction from any angle with zoom in or zoom out condition. Also if a designer changes the parameter ( such as dimension, coordinates and values etc) as per requirement, it changes automatically according to that. 

CAD Tools:

  • Special printer or plotter
  • High quality graphics monitor
  • Digitizing tablet
  • Light pen
  • Mouse

Usage of CAD Software:

  • CAD software is use for Mechanical and Civil Construction design in  2D and 3D model. 
  • Space vehicles, aircraft, missiles, and satellites are design by using CAD software.
  • Auto components are design by using CAD software such as tires, engines, etc.
  • Climate, road, and topographic maps are design by CAD software in cartography.


  • It will save user’s many time and therefore the user can make simpler , satisfactory and more efficient designs in less period of time .
  • It will be much simpler and easier to form any changes because a user can fix the errors and improve the drawings easily.
  • The percentage of error that happened due to manual designing is remarkably diminished due to the utilization of the simplest tools within the software.
  • The amount of effort for the aim of designing the various models has been diminished remarkably because most of the tasks are automated by the software.


  • In CAD, work can be anytime lost due to the unexpected failure of computers.
  • The add CAD is vulnerable to viruses..
  • The add CAD might be easily “hacked”.
  • It takes time to find out the way to operate or run the CAD software.


CAD Full Form In Banking : Current Account Deficit:

A current account deficit happens when a country’s import more than its export. Its mean a country spend excess money to import than country’s earning from export. Current account deficits generally occur in developed or underdeveloped countries. A deficit isn’t always a bad thing. If  a Country have deficit for importing the it needs to produce goods and services which will export in future than that deficit will not count as bad things. In this case, country go for plan to create a current account surplus. And this surplus will be an attractive investment opportunity for foreigners. 

In other case if country decides to overspend on its exports instead of spending money on domestic production then the deficit might be problematic.

Current account deficit for a short time can be handle but for a long time might be worse for future generation. This means future generation may have experience of excessive levels of debt and heavy interest payments.

When a country has a deficit then country have to find a way to reduce. Deficits can be reduce through the capital account. It means the deficit can be reduce through the foreign direct investment, sale of assets, foreign currency. Also deficit can be reduce by increase the value of its exports compare to its imports.


Other Abbreviation of CAD :

Computer Aided Design

Coronary Artery Disease

Cisco Agent Desktop

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