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CAG Full Form

CAG Full Form
Comptroller and Auditor General

What Is CAG Full Form , Full Form Of CAG

CAG Full Form in India Government : Comptroller and Auditor General

CAG Full Form is Comptroller and Auditor General . CAG was Under the Article number 148 of  the constitution of India. CAG has the power to perform the audit all the expenditure of central government, state government and organizations which are financed by the government. Its headquarters is situated  in New Delhi.

CAG is an independent authority of India. It share same status like judge of Supreme Court of India. CAG is the most power full body to investigate financial frauds in India. President of India appoint CAG with the recommendation of Pry-minister.  


Powers of CAG as per Companies Act, 1956.

  • CAG can appoint and reappoint the auditor of a government company
  • Supplement the audit report of the statutory auditors
  • Conduct the audit of the accounts of a government company
  • Conduct a test audit of the accounts

Functions of CAG

  • To audit the receipts and expenditure of state companies and other organizations financed from the central or state revenues.
  • To audit the accounts regarding expenditure from the consolidated fund of India and consolidated fund of every state and union territory
  • To audit balance sheets, trading, manufacturing and profit and loss or the other account of any department of the central or state governments.
  • To audit the accounts associated with expenditure from the contingency fund and public account of India and every state
  • To submit audit reports of the accounts of the center to the President and the reports of the accounts of the state to the Governor

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