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CGI Full Form

CGI Full Form
Common Gateway Interface

CGI Full Form In Computer & It, Full Form Of CGI

CGI Full Form In IT :  Common Gateway Interface


CGI Full Form , Common Gateway Interface (CGI) act as Middleware  in between World Wide Web servers and external databases and information sources. The WWW Consortium basically defined how a program interacts with a Hyper Text Transfer Protocol  server with the Common Gateway Interface. It is a technology that permits an internet browser to submit forms and hook up with programs over an internet server. it’s the simplest way for an internet server to send forms and hook up with programs on the server. CGI also can be described as a group of standards or rules where a program or script can send data back to the web-server where it are often processed.

Features of CGI:

  • It is a really well defined and supported standard..
  • CGI scripts are generally written in either Perl, C, or even just an easy shell script.
  • CGI is a technology that interfaces with HTML.
  • CGI is that the best method to make a counter because it’s currently the quickest
  • CGI standard is usually the foremost compatible with today’s browsers.

Advantages of CGI:

  • The advanced tasks are currently tons easier to perform in CGI than in Java.
  • It is always easier to use the code already written than to write down your own.
  • CGI specifies that the programs are often written in any language, and on any platform, as long as they conform to the specification.

Disadvantages of CGI:
There are few disadvantages of CGI which are as follows:

  • Generally, data can’t be easily cached in memory between page loads.
  • There is an enormous existing code base, much of it in Perl.
  • CGI uses up tons of time interval .


CGI Full Form In Computer : Computer-Generated Imagery

CGI Creation
                          CGI Special Effect

Computer-generated imagery (CGI) is that the application of the sector of special effects (or more specifically, 3D computer graphics).

CGI is employed in films, television programs and commercials, and in printed media.

Video games most frequently used in real-time special effects  (rarely mentioned as CGI), but can also include pre-rendered “cut scenes” and intro movies that might be typical CGI applications.

For visual effects CGI is being used because the standard is usually higher and effects are more controllable than other more physically based processes, like constructing miniatures for effects shots or hiring extras for crowd scenes, and since it allows the creation of images that might not be feasible using the other technology.

CGI software and recent generation computer allow one artist to produce professional grade films, games, and fine art content without the utilization of other actors, expensive set pieces, or props.


CGI Full Form In Medical : Clinical Global Impression

A standardized assessment tool used to measure treatment response among psychiatric patients and this tools is called CGI ( Clinical Global Impression). CGI is  designed to assess global severity of illness and alter within the clinical condition over time. CGI has mainly three global sub-scales, Severity of Illness; Global Improvement; Efficacy Index. First two items are rated on the seven point scale where 1=normal to 7=extremely ill for Severity of Illness and  1=very much improved to 7=very much worse for Global Improvement .  Last Item is rated on the four point scale from ‘none’ to ‘outweighs therapeutic effect’.



CGI Full Form In Mathematics : Cognitively Guided Instruction

CGI stands for Cognitively Guided Instruction, and it is the way to teach math to children by focusing on the thought process behind solving problems. CGI teachers start with what students know and repose on their intuitive problem-solving processes in order that each  student grows in their understanding of rigorous math concepts.  


CGI Full Form In Technology : Cell Global Identity.
CGI Full Form In Chemistry : Compacted Graphite Iron.
CGI Company Full Form : Client Global Insights.

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