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FDI Full Form

What Is The Full Form Of FDI


FDI Full Form : Foreign Direct Investment

FDI Full Form is Foreign Direct Investment which is an investment when a firm, party, company, or a individual invest there money for business or  takes controlling ownership  in a business entity in another country. With FDI foreign company not only only bring money for the business but also they bring knowledge, skills and technology.

Benefits of FDI:

There are advantages of FDI for the both Investor and Foreign host country.

  • Preferential tariffs
  • Market diversification
  • Subsidies
  • Tax incentives
  • Lower labor costs
  • Increase in employment
  • Economic stimulation
  • Development of human capital
  • Access to management expertise, skills, and technology

Disadvantages  of FDI:

There also some demerits  of FDI

  • Displacement of local businesses
  • Profit repatriation

Types of FDI:

Greenfield FDI: It refers to the FDI where rather than investing into existing company of a country the foreign company establishes a replacement company as its subsidiary. for instance , Google, Facebook and Amazon have found out their branches in India.

Brownfield FDI: It refers to the FDI where a foreign company invests with in the existing business in a country. In this case foreign company does not open a new office or production house, it purchase within the country to grow its business.

FDI Full Form  In Electrical : Fault Detection and Isolation

Fault detection and isolation is a system in control engineering which detect automatically any fault occur in the control system and pinpointing the type of fault and its location.

FDI Full Form In India  : Films Division of India

Films Division of India (FDI) or Films Division was founded in 1948 just after independence. Now FDI is the under of  Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India.  IT was the first state film production and distribution unit responsible to produce documentaries and news magazines for publicity of Government program and also cinematic record of Indian history.


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