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GRP Full Form

GRP Full Form
Fiber Glass


What Is GRP Full Form

GRP Full Form in Technology : Glass Reinforced Plastic

GRP full form  is Glass Reinforced Plastic. It has some another name in market such as fiberglass, composite plastic and FRP.  The main characteristic is that light weight, highly versatile and strong. GRP behaves differently to the traditional thermoplastics that are commonly utilized in everyday items. this suggests that it’s properties which make it a particularly useful material for an enormous range of applications within many industries.

Long Form of GRP in Government of India : Government Railway Police.

Government Railway Police (GRP) is to work for Indian Railway and responsible for maintain Law and order in railway.  Also responsible for investigation of crime on the Railways.

Long Form of GRP in Business : Gross Rating Point

GRP also are referred to as gross rating points. These are a measure of the gross showing an ad campaign has over a given time. This number doesn’t determine the influence your ads have over people, but it merely relates what percentage were tuned to the station at the time your ad was airing.

Long Form of GRP in Governmental : Gross Regional Product

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) measures the general economic output of all economic activities during a country (measure in terms of buying power parity, or standards). The corresponding indicator at the regional level is that the Gross Regional Product (GRP). Although these measures are somewhat blunt (for instance they’re doing not consider sustainability) within the assessment of regional performance they are still the foremost stable and most ordinarily harmonised measure for economic comparisons.

Long Form of GRP in Technology : Gentoo Reference Platform

The long form of GRP is Gentoo Reference Platform  which is a snapshot of pre-built packages and user can install it during the installation of Gentoo to sped up the installation process. The GRP consists of all packages required to possess a totally functional Gentoo installation.

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