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ICU Full Form

ICU Full Form

What Is The Full Form of ICU Full Form In Hindi

ICU Full Form Is Intensive Care Unit also known as CCU ( Critical Care Unit) which is a special department in hospital. In this department special health care such as intensive care, Therapy, medicine, life support  provided to the patient. In this section patient are monitor continually. Generally those patient are placed who are  critically ill or severely injured. When patient deteriorate constantly  then patient shifted to emergency department. 


ICU Instrument List:

ICU consist of various medical instrument. Instruments are Mechanical ventilators, Defibrillator, Anesthesia Machine, Blood Warmer, Patient Monitor, Feeding tubes, Dialysis machine. It also contain of  External pacemakers, Syringe Pump, Infusion Pump, ECG (Electrocardiogram), suction tubes etc.  ICU unit constructed in such a way that all patients can be under continuous observation from the central-nursing station. Also there are always one or two nurse continually present in that unit.


Hygiene Factors Of ICU:

Hygiene is the high priority to maintain in ICU room. To maintain Hygiene, patient families are not allow to meet with patient all time. Highly trained and professional stuffs like doctor’s , nurse, physiotherapist, respiratory therapists  are involve to taken care off this unit.


Types Of ICU:

There are also few hospital, where teleconferencing systems has been installed which allow doctors and nurses at a central facility to collaborate with on-site staff and speak with patients. This kind of system known as eICUvirtual ICU, or tele-ICU. Remote staff can access to vital signs from live monitoring systems, and telectronic health records so that they  have access to a patient’s medical history.


Injuries or illnesses that need special treatment in ICU:

  • Severe heart problems, extreme low blood pressure.
  • Respiratory system problem due to asthma or complicated pneumonia.
  • Serious accidental cases which need immediate major surgery.
  • Those patients  who are in Coma.
  • Issues like Liver problems and Kidney failure,  which requires dialysis.
  • Require ICU after a major surgery.

There are also a special ICU treatment for new born immature baby.

Some places ICU also called as  Intensive Therapy Unit or Intensive Treatment Unit (ITU)


Other Abbreviation & ICU Full Form :

ICU Means – Inner Care Unit: Inner care unit is a popular rock band which based in United State.

ICU full form – International Chalu Union: This is a Malayalam comedy platform.

Full Form of ICU- International Christian University:  This University located  in Tokyo, Japan.

What is the full form of ICU- Imperial College Union:  The student Union of Imperial College based on London is familiar as Imperial College Union.

ICU- Islamic Courts Union


ICU Full Form In Hindi गहन चिकित्सा केन्द्र I


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