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IOC Full Form

IOC Full Form
International Olympic Committee

IOC Full Form , Full Form Of IOC Meaning , IOC headquarters


1) IOC Full Form: International Olympic Committee

Full form of IOC is International Olympic Committee. Which is a supreme authority of the worldwide Olympic Movement.  IOC is the  not-for-profit independent  international organization. Its headquarter placed  in Lausanne, Switzerland. 23rd June 1894 is the establishment date of IOC. The first Olympic was conducted on 6th April 1896 in Athen, Greece.  Since 2013 Thomas Bach is the Precedent of  IOC.

90% revenue of IOC used for helping athletes and sports organizations around the world. And this Revenue generate by marketing program and broadcast right and the Olympic Partner (TOP) program. IOC consist of 95 active member and 44 honorary member.

Modern Olympic Games and Youth Olympic Games (YOG) held in every 4 year in summer and winter. Before 1992 both of the Olympic ware held in the same year. Later on IOC shifted the Winter Olympics to the even years.

2) IOC Full Form – Indian Oil Corporation 

Indian Oil Corporation also called as IOCL. IOC Meaning Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. This is a public sector undertaking company. IOC headquarters situated in New Delhi. It is the largest commercial petrochemical company in India. It has also seven division. Such as Refineries Division, Pipelines Division, Marketing Division, R&D Division, Petrochemicals Division, Exploration & Production (E&P) Division and Explosives and Cryogenics division. There are more than 33000 employees are working in this company. The turn over more than  506428 crore.  

The oldest refinery of India is Digboi Refinery. It was commissioned for the first time 11th December 1901.  Now it has the capacity of more than 0.65MMTPA of crude processing.

Indian Oil has two largest refinery. One is Paradeep Refinery with the capacity of 15MMTPA . Another is Panipat Refinery with the capacity of more than 15MMTPA.


Major Product OF IOC :

  1. LPG
  2. MS/ Motor Sprite/ Petrol
  3. Naptha
  4. ATF/ Aviation Turbine Fluid
  5. SKO/ Super Oil Kerosene 
  6. HSD/ High Speed Deisel
  7. Bitumen 
  8. SERVO


It has lots by product also such as Propylene, Sulphur, Carbon Black Feedstock (CBFS). Also Raw Petroleum Coke (RPC), Paraffin Wax etc.

3) Other Abbreviation of IOC Meaning :

Immediate Or Cancel

International Olive Council

Inversion of Council

Inversion of Control.

Initial Operating Capability

Indicator of Compromise

Indian Orthodox Church

International Order of Character

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