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MBC Full Form

What Is MBC Full Form

MBC Full Form in Medical : Metastatic Breast Cancer

MBC Full Form Metastatic Breast Cancer is one kind of breast cancer which spread to another part of body such as liver, brain, bones or lungs. This type of cancer is also called stage IV cancer.  Basically A metastatic tumor formed in the other place of our body by the cell of breast cancer.

In this case a cancer cell break from the original tumor and then travel to the other parts our body through bloodstream or through the lymphatic system. Nearly 30% of women diagnosed with breast cancer in early stage which will develop metastatic disease. Some women was not diagnosed before it spread to another part of the body.

While metastatic breast cancer might not get away completely, treatment may control it for many years. If one treatment stops working then patient have to choose another treatment. The cancer may be active sometimes and then it go into remission at other times. When the disease is under control and patient are feeling good that time a silly mistake of taking breaks in treatment can causes a big difference in the quality of life.

Metastatic disease is NOT hopeless and this should be keep in mind. Many patient continue there productive life with breast cancer in this stage. There are various kind off treatment and also new medicines are being tasted.

MBC long Form in Medical : Maximum Breathing Capacity

Maximal Breathing Capacity (MBC) is also known as Maximal voluntary ventilation (MVV). It is defined as the max minute volume of ventilation of a subject can maintain for 12 to 15 s. MVV/MBC  is about to  15 to 20 times of the resting minute volume In the normal subject. In general one fit young and adult male have 170 l.min−1 MBC but this value also depend on body size, age and sex.

MBC long Form in Medical : Minimum Bactericidal Concentration

Under a specific set of conditions the minimum bactericidal concentration (MBC) is the lowest concentration of an antibacterial agent required to kill a particular bacterium. It can be determined from broth dilution minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) tests by sub-culturing to agar plates that do not contain the test agent. The MBC is identified by determining the lowest concentration of antibacterial agent that reduces the viability of the initial bacterial inoculum by ≥99.9%. Above description taken from wiki and for more click here.

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