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OPD Full Form

OPD Full Form
Outdoor Patient Department.

What Is OPD Full Form?


OPD Full Form is Outdoor Patient Department.

To first contact between hospital staff and patient is familiar as OPD. It Also call Outdoor Patient Department. A sick person (Excluding Emergency case) first interact with OPD. After that doctors in OPD decide in which department  patient should go.


This kind of facilities are available every hospital with lots of department. The departments are Neurology department, Orthopedics department, Gynecology department, General medicine department etc. Patient must be complete their formalities before go to there respective department. Minimum fees (Almost zero for some hospital)  are collect to complete those formalities. 

In OPD, after diagnosis very few medicines are given to needy family with free of cost.


OPD means is Optical Path Difference :

Optical Path Difference is known as relative path difference. That traveled between two rays which pass through different mediums from the same object point. For all rays, the optical path, or distance, from an object point to a corresponding image point will be equal. That system is call perfect optical system. If there slight differences exist between rays resulting in an optical path difference then it will be known as near-perfect systems.

OPD Full Form is Open Path Detector :

open path detector
open path detector

Open Path Detector is one type of gas detector. Its working principle base on IR weave length attenuation. This kind of detector consist of two part. One part is IR beam transmitter and another is IR beam receiver. These kind of detectors cover a large span. Mainly hydrocarbon industry uses OPD device. To detecting hydrocarbon gas or liquid leakage in process area.

OPD Full Form is Overfill Protection Device :

Overfill Prevention Device
Overfill Prevention Device

Full Form of OPD means Overfilling protection/ Prevention device. That is one kind of valve. Its require 4-40 pound dot cylinders in vapor service. Before filling propane cylinder, the cylinder will be inspected to ensure that an OPD valve is installed on the tank. During filling a propane bottle the flow of gas stops immediately. The overfill protection mechanism closes by the equipped  OPD valve.

Other Abbreviation of OPD:

  • Ocean Physics Department
  • Over Pressure Device
  • Orlando Police Department
  • Original Pack Dispensing
  • Office of Public Defense

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