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PCM Full Form

What Is PCM Full Form , Full Form Of PCM

Full Form of PCM in Technology : Pulse Code Modulation

PCM Full Form is Pulse Code Modulation which is a technique to convert signal  analog to digital in digital communication. PCM is one of the preferable noise-resistant transmission methods. For transmission, PCM require high transmitter bandwidth. Pulse code modulation has an important advantage which is that the message in PCM is a train of pulses of equal height, means it can be regenerated almost perfectly any number of times along the propagation path because the data is not dependent on the precise height and shape of the pulses , but it is dependent on the recognizing whether the pulse is there or is not there.This type of modulation generally used in both the telephone network, public and private.

PCM Full Form in Technology : Phase-Change Memory

Phase Change Memory is sort of non-volatile memory (NVRAM) that’s sometimes mentioned as “perfect RAM” due to its superior performance characteristics. phase transition Memory is additionally mentioned as PCM and PCRAM by different groups. Phase Change Memory is an innovative type of memory technology. It has great potential storage application use cases.

Benefits of Phase Change Memory:

  • Faster Write Cycles. PCM has faster  write cycles than NAND flash. NAND Flash requires to erage data first before write new data.
  • Faster Access Time. PCM has faster access time.
  • Endurance. Given that PCM doesn’t require to erase data first.
  • Lower Power Consumption. PCM has lower power requirements than its NAND.
  • PCM Is Executable. There is unique characteristic of Phase Change Memory. It will be able to both execute code ( Like DRAM) as well as have the ability to store data (like NAND).


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