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PF Full Form


PF Full Form , What Is The Full Form Of PF

Full Form Of PF in Engineering:

PF Full Form is Power Factor. Power is the capacity of work. In electrical engineering power is the product of voltage drop across a element and  current flowing through that element. If electrical circuit with capacitor and inductor and resistance run with DC then the circuit act a s pure restive circuit. Then the power decapitate by the circuit is the product of voltage drop and current flowing through it. Now the same circuit run with AC, then the power decapitate by the circuit will be different because of inductor and capacitor. Voltage and current will be not in the same phase. The cosine of the phase different between Current and Voltage is known as power factor.

  • P = VI Cos φ OR
  • Cos φ = P / V I OR
  • Cos φ = kW / kVA OR    = True Power/ Apparent Power


  • P = Power in Watts
  • V = Voltages in Volts
  • I = Current in Amperes
  • W = Real Power in Watts
  • VA = Apparent Power in Volt-Amperes or Watts
  • Cos φ = Power factor

PF Means in Government: Provident Fund

Another abbreviation of PF is Provident Fund . This Provident Fund first introduced in the year of 1952 under the Employee’s Provident Fund by India Government. Provident Fund (PF) may be a old-age pension scheme during which a little portion of the workers salary is deducted monthly and deposited with the govt PF office and at the time of retirement it’s paid back to the worker . Provident Fund is a part of your salary, which is deducted from your salary monthly and deposited on your behalf. If you’re employed in a private firm then the corporate pays an equivalent amount because it is deducted from your account and once you leave the firm you’ll apply and withdraw the quantity saved.

PF Full Form in Basketball: Power Forward 

Power Froward is position in Basketball game. In this position payer is the most physical player in basketball  court. The player stand at Power forwards position should be tall, strong, and aggressive.

Skills Needed:

  • Rebounding
  • Posting Up
  • Jump Shot
  • Shot Blocking

PF Means in Airline: Palestinian Airlines

The airline owned by Palestinian Authority which is based on Arish, Egypt. This airline not recognized by the Egyptian Ministry. This airline stopped there service in year of 2005 and they again start there services in the year of 2012 and currently there base is El Arish International Airport.

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