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PHP Full Form

PHP Full Form

What is the php Full Form?

        The PHP first introduce in 1994 and php full form is Personal Home Page now a days another meaning of PHP full form is Hypertext Pre-processor . PHP is scripting language that allow to make Static websites or Dynamic websites. Basically PHP is a server side scripting language which is used for connect Web Page with a Data Base such as asp or jsp. PHP scripts can only be interpreted on a PHP installed server . PHP is the most simple, efficient, secure, flexible language. More then 20 million websites and application are using PHP.

By php you can have output of HTML, images, pdf, and even flash movie also. A wide range of data base can be handle by PHP which is consider as most significant features of using PHP. Database specific extensions like Msql can be use by PHP for writing database enable web page  winch is incredibly simple.

Using protocol (like LDAP, IMAP, SNMP, NNTP, POP3, HTTP) php can talk other services. It has also text processing features.


PHP  Scripting Area:

Three main areas where PHP scripts are used.

  • Server-side scripting: There are three thing require for server side scripting- PHP sensor, web server and web browser. To get PHP program output with a web browser we need to run web server with a connected PHP installation.
  • Command line scripting: In this area we can make PHP script to run without any server or browser. We require PHP praser to use it in command line scripting, such as PHP can be use for simple text processing tasks.
  • Writing desktop applications: There very few limitation of this language to create a desktop application with a graphical user inter face. But very good knowledge in PHP can help us to use some advance features in client side application and also can help to use PHP extension PHP-GTK.


PHP Uses benefits:

  • PHP is open source and free.
  • PHP Language is very easy to learn and use efficiently on the server side.
  • It can use various platforms like Windows, Linux, Unix, etc.
  • PHP use to interact Apache, IIS, etc like web server. It is used for create dynamic website.
  • It also use for interacting to  MySql, Oracle, PostgreSQL like database/ Back-end server.
  • It is encrypted data type and imply the business logical layers.
  • PHP access and set cookies variable.
  • Developer can restrict user by accessing a selected web page.
  • Send and receive E-mail can be done PHP
  • A separate special area can be crated by PHP in web page including login page for members.
  • PHP perform various system function like read, write, open, create, close them.
  • Used to connect web application with DataBase.
  • It usually used to output HTML code to the browser and can encrypt data.
  • PHP can handle forms.

PHP Syntax:


echo  ‘Hello World‘ ;


PHP Code Writing:

PHP file can be wright with out HTML tag which is called as Pure PHP File, but php mainly design to work with HTML code. The Server first interprets the PHP code  and then give the outputs the result as HTML code to the web browser.  Make sure always enclose the PHP code in PHP tags  In order to get the server to identify the PHP code from the HTML code. A PHP tag must starts with the less than symbol followed by the question mark and then the words “php”.  It is also case case sensitive language. It is recommended to use always lowercase.

PHP File Extensions:

  • .phtml
  • .php3
  • .php4
  • .php5
  • .php7
  • .phps

Propular PHP Site:

  • Facebook
  • Yahoo
  • Wikipedia
  • WordPress
  • Opencart
php Server:

There are many amp (Apachi, Msql, PHP) available in market which can be use in all operating system platform. Popular server giving bellow.

  • WAMP for Windows
  • LAMP for Linux
  • MAMP for Mac
  • SAMP for Solaris
  • FAMP for FreeBSD
  • XAMPP for cross platform



You have to know how do you want to use php before install it. Basically three type of field where you can use your php. 

  • First one is Websites and web applications (server-side scripting)
  • Second one is Command line scripting.
  • And the last one is Desktop (GUI) applications.

The most common form of using php is the Websites and web applications and for that you have require php itself, a web browser and web server. If you don’t want to install web server then you can have a rent web space from a hosting company and you free to write your php script. 

People who are interested in using php for command line then they need command line executable.

With php writing a desktop GUI application using PHP-GTK is very easy. This an another and completely different way to write and introduce a web page.


PHP is known as most power full secure language designed specifically for writing CGI program than perl or C with correct selection of configuration option and proper coding practice. For variety of utilize you can have many configuration option to control its behavior . But a large selection of option may compromise with security.

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