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SDM Full Form

SDM Full Form , Full Form Of  SDM Means

SDM Full Form: Security Device Manager.

Full Form of SDM is Security Device Manager which is basically a web-based device management tool for Cisco IOS routers. It includes several functions that make ease to manage, standard interfaces, interoperability, and security. The main things is that it is embedded. That means SDM is a series of HTML files and also other formats which will be included in the router’s flash memory. Hence you have to point your browser to an active IP address of the router. If  the SDM support is enabled, then you will get a graphical user interface menu-driven point and also  click type configuration.


SDM Full Form: Shared Decision Making.

Shared decision making is the key component of patient centered health care. It is the process in which clinicians
and patients both work together to make decisions and to select tests, treatments and care plans which is based on clinical evidence that balances risks and expected outcomes with patient preferences and values.

There are many situation where a single “right” health care decision is not available because the choices about treatment, medical tests, and health issues come with pros and cons. This type of situation Shared decision making play a vital role. Following condition such as where SDM is require.

  • When there is more than one reasonable option available such as for screening or a treatment decision
  • When there is no one option has a clear advantage.
  • When the possible benefits and harms may differ  to each patients.

Shared decision making helps to providers and patients  to agree on a health care plan. When patients participate in decision making  situation and understand what they need to do, they are more likely to follow through.


SDM Full Form: Sub Divisional Magistrate.

Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) is a   governmental title given to the head official of a country subdivision. SDM is responsible for maintenance of law and order in the Sub- Division. SDM is generally an officer of PCS ranking. SDM has three type of function.

Revenue functions: Revenue functions is basically   

  • Maintenance of land records
  • Conduct of revenue cases
  • Carrying out of demarcation and mutations
  • Settlement operations
  • Functioning as custodian of public land

Magisterial functions: Sub Divisional Magistrates exercise powers of Executive Magistrates. That’s mean they are responsible for all operating preventive Sections of Code of Criminal Procedure. They are also responsible to carry out enquiries in cases of unnatural deaths of women within seven years of marriage and issue directions to the Police for registration of case, if required.

Disaster Management: This department has the primary responsibility for relief and rehabilitation operations in any calamity whether natural or man-made.

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