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TGT Full Form

TGT Full Form
Ticket Granting Ticket

TGT Full Form


What Is The Full Form Of TGT : Ticket Granting Ticket

TGT full form is Ticket Granting Ticket and it is also known as authentication ticket. TGT is one kind of encrypted data which is issued by a server in the Kerberos authentication model.  Ticket Granting Ticket is issued to begin the authentication process. Server send a ticket to a client and then the client sends the ticket back with some additional information to verify the client identity. Then server start authorization process by issuing a service ticket and session key which includes a form of password. 

In the Kerberos model with limited lifetime all tickets are time-stamped.  This process minimizes the risk of hacking or cracking the encrypted data and use it to compromise the system. In ideal case there is no authentication ticket remains for enough time to hacker to crack the encrypted data. Ticket Grating Ticket is session-specific and it improve the security of the system by ensuring that there is no ticket remain after the session.


TGT Full Form In Teaching : Trained Graduate Teacher

TGT Means is Trained Graduate Teacher. The Title given to those graduate who has completed there training in teaching profession. If a student is graduate and he has completed B.Ed course then he is already a TGT and that student’s not require teacher taring  to become TGT. TGT teachers are eligible to teach the students up-to 12th.

TGT teacher can teach the following subjects.

  • English
  • Math
  • Science
  • History
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • Regional language.

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