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WHO Full Form

WHO Full Form
World Health Organisation


What Is WHO Full Form

Full Form of WHO in Medical Organizations : World Health Organisation

WHO Full Form is World Health Organisation. A part of the United Nations that deals with major health issues round the world. The WHO sets standards for disease control, health care, and medicines. Who also conduct education and research programs; and publishes scientific papers and reports. A major goal is to enhance access to health look after people in developing countries and in groups who don’t get health care. WHO was founded in 1948 and  the headquarters of WHO is located in Geneva, Switzerland. Who have total 147 country offices and six regional offices. 193 countries and two associate members are WHO’s membership. They meet per annul at the World Health Assembly in Geneva to set up new policy for the Organization, approve the Organization’s budget. More than 8000 public helth experts (like doctors, scientits, administrators and so on) are working for WHO from all over the world.

Full Form of WHO in Medical : Wrist-Hand Orthosis

WHO is an acronym for Wrist-Hand Orthosis. Wrist-Hand Orthosis is used for meny conditions such as positioning/ stabilization for range of motion assistance, to stop a joint from flexing or extending excessively. Also it is used for  fracture management.  The physician decide the uses of this device wheather it be worn all day or for nighttime use only.  The WHO can be cleaned using mild soap and water by hand.  It must be air-dried.

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